Czech author, Jiri Kuchar has discovered sixteen pieces of art, which were once owned by Hitler.

Jiri Kuchar posing infront of two of the paintings - Franz Eichhorst (left) and Friedrich W. Kalb (right)

He has written two books on the subject of Hitler's art collections and he was searching for five years for the paintings before he finally discovered them in a monastery and chateau in the Czech republic.

Hitler collected the paintings during the time of World War II and the works discovered by Kuchar were 16 of 5000 pieces - refered to as the 'Linz collection' - all collected during the war with the intention to create a museum out of the works.

The paintings consist of works by German artists - Franz Eichhorst, Paul Herrmann, Sepp Hilz, Friedrich W. Kalb, Oscar Oestreicher, Edmund Steppes and Armin Reumann.

Seven works were kept at a convent; another seven at a northern Czech chateau of Zakupy; and the last two in the Military History Institute and the faculty of law of Charles University, Prague.

Although Munich's German art institute and database believe the work to be of 'low value', Kuchar believes their joint worth to be $2.7 million.

They are now being displayed at a convent in Doksany.