We had to publish the incredible comments that we received as part of our Smarta 100 nomnation. If you have any feedback (good or bad) we always want to hear it - use our Feedback Form.

"Fantastic web site,crammed full of high quality artwork,at reasonable prices ,well done super."

"Great website, great space, great service and great product!"

 "These guys really work for the artists they represent - and have produced a great site as well as the exhibitions they curate."

"This is a start up for the future! Democratising art, encouraging creative appreciation and providing a means to income for artists as they try to grow during a recession.  Well done on a brilliant business."

"DegreeArt.com is an important representative of graduate artists;giving support and encouragement through their excellent website."

"A fantastic innovative online concept. Inspirational."

"Degree Art is a great organisation run by caring careful and skilled people. It does what it says on the tin - promotes artists, their work and their lives and finds good homes for their artworks!!"

"Passionate, energetic, hard-working and inspiring, DegreeArt is nurturing new talent, kick-starting careers and making art accessible."

"DegreeArt has a formula of kickstarting artist's careers and provide a service that is totally unique.  Isobel and Elinor have such passion and enthusiasm for what they do, and deserve every success."

"Great idea, and the guys at the office are brilliant with all queries from artists and customers!!"

"A great enterprise from two young women who show integrity, energy and a sensitive insight into the work of emerging artists. Their efforts can seriously help those artist who are in great need of an audience to get their careers off the ground, while simultaneously giving access to the general public of inexpensive original works of art. I wish them every success."

"I have been working with Isobel and Elinor for more then three years, great people and very innovative in there way of approaching the art market. Johannes Nielsen (Sweden)"

"Very professional team that puts more effort into promotion of their artists than countless, longer established galleries I've had the experience of working with."

"Can't think of another arts business that could be more helpful to an emerging, young artist. Isobel, Elinor and the whole DegreeArt team have been excellent to work with over the past few years! Jemma"

"You gave me the platform I needed to launch my Art Career after Graduating- Thank you for working so hard for me!"

"The first of a new breed of online businesses, assisting young graduates to showcase and market their work successfully. Conceptualised and run by a hard working and committed duo."

 "Wonderful genuine people. Good luck!"

"Well done Degree.Art!! Love getting your newsletters, emails and browsing DegreeArt.com. Always inspiring! Very best of luck with the Smarta Award."

"Always friendly, no pressure, expert advice when looking for new acquisitions or commissions. Well done."

"The advice and assistance thats on hand at Degree Art makes it a very special and profetional gallery!"

"Wonderful website and gallery space.  Excellent help and such a friendly and welcoming team.  Just what we graduates needed.  Very best of luck with the awards - you deserve to win."

"Elinor and Isobel have seriously helped me as an artist by giving me opportunities I would not have had without degreeart.com, and through their encouragement and knowledge of the art industry."

"This has always been an excellent idea and a huge passion for two extraordinary girls and their team. You deserve this award Degree Art. You've got my vote!"

"Great idea. Really surprised it hasn't already been done."

"Best place I've ever worked!"

"Wish I'd thought of the idea."

"Isobel and Elinor are an inspiration and have worked so hard to make degree art a success. They have given many graduates a chance to exhibit their art and get recognised; a chance they may not have otherwise got. Keep up the good work girls! Emx"

"Fantastic company offering the best in up and coming art talent. Also very remarkable businesswomen running it"

"Great company. I showed and sold with them as part of a joint show with HRL Contemproary in June 2010 at an exhibition called 'Paint'. Very impressed with the way they go about things."

"I always enjoy receiving updates about up and coming talent and visiting the events that are always packed and show interesting artists. These guys work hard to produce a high quality platform for emerging artists. Great work and Good Luck!!"

"Degree Art provide a fantastic opportunity for young artists to make the first steps on their careers."

"Great place to be !!"

"This is what artists and art lovers need"

"Degree Art...........Helped Launch my art career in 2003.

 Isobel and Elinor have worked tirelessly to promote artists and their work,once they graduate and in their first few years out of art college,a very vunerable time for all.

 I could not recommend Degree Art enough for this award."

"Great resource for emerging artists, offering support and exposure"

"DegreeArt.com gives fantastic opportunities to recent graduates and early career artists, supporting and encouraging them with a diverse and exciting exhibition programme and a great website."

"These guys are putting great effort on the website and always are coming with new ideas and ways of improving it. Well done."

"Degree Art have encouraged me as an artist and I am pleased to be represented by them"

"Degree Art is a great way of introducing the general public to new and emerging artists, and affordable art.  I like it a lot."

"I fully endorse DegreeArt.com entry into this award process and wish Elinor & Isobel every success."

"Great Website, Great Concept.. keep up the good work"

"Degree Art is great, keeps me updated with what's going on in the art world that I would be unaware of otherwise.Good concept"

"It's an honour to be part of degree art. Amazing and hard working art gallery. Good luck guys."

"A fantastic gallery and website! Really giving hope to emerging artists!"

"It's all about the Founders. And these two really 'get' the new culture of collaboration and expression. My job is tracking innovation and early stage start-ups -- DegreeArt smartly blends creativity with savvy business strategies. I'm very much looking forward to what's next from Elinor, Isobel and their pioneering tribe."

"Great website"

"The last first Thursday I went to was fantastic, there were hundreds of people attending the opening of an art exhibition, the whole of Vyner Street was buzzing but nowhere more than DegreeArt gallery. The team there have a great eye for spotting talented emerging artists and they put the spotlight on such varied and inspiring work. Isobel and Elinor are charming and knowledgable, infact the whole team make sure you feel like a VIP, I would recommend DegreeArt to anyone wishing to commission a special piece of work, to buy art to invest in, or to help you find an artist to buy art from to hang in your home to treasure."

"This is a great thing you guys are doing so i had to vote for you."

"All positive productions for fresh new inspiring art must have our backing..


peace and love"

"A fantasic concept and a great support for emerging artists.  Elinor and Isobel are also very supportive of young emerging artists still in study!"

"Superb web site and a great company to deal with - for both artists and patrons"

"DegreeArt.com Gallery has supported many students and emerging artists, is a great gallery always showing a diverse range of artists at affordable prices."

"A brilliant, well designed company, run by fantastic staff! I am extremely proud to be represented by the team, which constantly helps and encourages young artists to grow and develop :)"

"Degree Art - A Fantastic Hard Working Team. Great Website!  Great Company!  Great Future!"

"An amazing, innovative company with two incredibly hardworking and talented women at the helm. Just saw the fantastic Nailphilia exhibition, and looking forward to seeing what is next for the Degree Art team. Congratulations on being in the Smarta 100!"

"Great idea. I enjoy both the emails and the exhibitions."

"An amazing team, that carrys art to the next creative level, a team that also strives to help & assists others making them inspirational. Keep it up.......!"

"Great website! they have many talented young artists, they r very helpful if u can not find right piece of Art works for you!"

"An innovative, engaging & slickly-run operation: a credit to all concerned."

"Elinor and Isobel have been dedicated to their "brainchild" and have worked consistently with intelligence and enormous energy and commitment."

"I really like the work of DegreeArt, they are a great support for artists, producing high quality works. I take my hat off to them.  Great website too."

"The dragons must be regretting not securing this one ! great business supporting young artists just when they need it - what's not to like ?"

"Great concept with good art, well priced"


"The girls do great work in getting the work of young artists out there. They have a real knowledge of their artists and have always advised me well when buying. They make the process of buying so easy......young artists get a credible platform....the public get a great service and reasonably priced quality artwork.....every one is a winner......its great to see it growing as a business....its become a real east end institution."


"Fantastic idea, well executed. Wish I'd thought of it! An easy way to source interesting and affordable art work."

"Fantastic entrpreneurial spirit and drive to persevere and make this a great success. You both deserve all the recognition and rewards which come your way. J. napp"

"They set the standard in Vyner St"

"You deserve to win!"          

"Great idea, great space, great team. Looking forward to the next show!"

"Isobel and Elinor are amazing women who have created a unique and amazing business that gives emerging artists a place to exhibit their artwork. Great people and a great company!"

"Such a brilliant site!"

"Brilliant gallery, fantastic enterprise, wonderful passion"

"Brilliant idea implemented very successfully by excellent duo, Isobel and Elinor. Their enthusiasm is infectious, their approach honest and their passion for up and coming art is unique."

"Excellent site, finally someone working with graduates and helping them."

"Absolutely amazing gallery and equally incredible website."

"Full of exciting new works by emerging artists."

"Great company that makes emerging artists' work accessible to all.  Good luck for the future."       

"A very energetic and innovative concept that gets the artists and their work in front of the public."

"Great website, lots of information and very professional"

"Well deserved, where would we be without your hard work."

"Great organisation, really supportive to my new business."

"Really Great Service for Emerging and Established Artists"

"Highly active & relevent content  - some quite good art stuff as well!"

"They say that life's too short for regrets.  I disagree.  I massively regret not having had this idea before Elinor & Isobel.  Then again, even if I had, it's unlikely I'd have executed it as well as they have.  My vote's a given."

"Not only are the DegreeArt team knowledgable and professional, they are extremely approachable and friendly. DegreeArt is a rare gem in today's art world. Best of luck to them all."

"I'm glad to see Degree Art in the 100, as they work hard through the whole range of media to promote young artists who might otherwise not get the recognition they deserve."