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Charlotte Marriott

Wimbledon College of Art (MA Fine Art / 2013)


What is your favourite film of all time?

This may sound a bit immature but I am absolutely in love with Disney films. They remind me of my childhood and fond memories of my grandparents. I really am still just a child at heart!

What music are you currently listening to and why?

I think Snow Patrol is probably one of my favourite bands. It's the sort of music I can listen to in any mood, whether I'm in the car or drawing in my studio. Their album Eyes Open is always on repeat when I'm working. 

Which living artists do you most admire and why?

I have always been greatly inspired by David Downton's fashion illustrations. The fluidity in his ink drawings are so beautifully crafted and his portraits of celebrities and models are admirable. Peter Mennim's portraits are also extremily elegant and emotional. I particularly like his drawings as the portraits look as though they are fading into the paper due to the washes he uses on top of the pencil. 

Which deceased artist do you most admire and why?

Lucian Freud is definately one of my favourite artists. His blocks of paint make the compositions look as though they were effortlessly painted, which I really admire. My favourite pieces of his work are his series of paintings he did of his mother as he really reflects the close relationship he had with her.

Which exhibition that you have visited made the greatest impact on you and why?

A few years ago I went to the Portland gallery and went to the opening night of David Williams-Ellis and was mesmerised by his beautiful sculptures. His figurative subjects and elegant style was incredibly inspirational. They look particularly beautiful photographed in natural surroundings. Seeing his work was what really motivated me to study Fine Art at University.

What is the question you get asked most frequently about your work and how do you answer it?

I mainly draw portraits of my family and friends and generally get asked about who the people are that I have drawn. I generally talk about how my sitters felt being drawn or the conversations we had at the time of making the portrait. If I was working from a photograph then I would talk about what the subject was doing at the time or what I was particularly trying to bring across from the sitter emotionally.

When I was exhibiting at The Other Art Fair in OXO Tower Wharf I was discussing a portrait that I was selling with an elderly gentleman. He thought that my portrait 'Portrait of an Elderly man' reminded him of his father during the great depression in the 30's and his struggle with keeping his family together. It was such a moving experience for me to hear his connection with my work, it gives me an impulse to carry on creating emotional portraits.  

What / who inspired you to be an artist?

Being able to visit the opening nights at the Portland Gallery and seeing successful artists selling work from when I started studying art was what inspired me to be an artist. From then I always dreamt of exhibiting in London and being comissioned portraits. I am always a regular visitor to the National Portrait Gallery in search for inspiration and seeking new artists. I always leave the gallery buzzing with ideas and motivation.

Can you tell us about where you make your art and what if any the significance of this location is?

At the moment I am studying a Masters at Wimbledon College of art and share a studio with about 60 people and I really enjoy seeing other artists working on very different styles and subjects. We inspire  and motivate each other which I absolutely love. Previously I worked at home. I like the working from a home environment as I like that sense of familiarity when I'm working.   

What do you like most about being an artist?

The sense of freedom. The independence. I know that I am in control of what I do and how I work. Having comissions is also incredibly rewarding. I still get excited and emotional when people want to buy my work. I cant imagine myself doing anything else.

What is your greatest achievement as an artist to date?

Moving down to London was a massive change for me as I have grown up in a small town and went to a small University. But moving to the city has given me the opportunity to exhibit as an unrepresented artist and now I am here with degree art and I am excited about the future!

What are your plans for the coming year?

I'm hoping to develop my work and style and slowly become a more recognised artist and get more comissions and exhibitions. I want to develop my painting and prink making skills so I have more to offer.

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Artist's statement

For me, portraiture is a beautiful and unique form. It is an identification of who we are and what makes us an individual. Drawing portraits is my passion and creating the sitters characteristics is a challenging yet rewarding experience for me. When starting a portrait, I challenge myself to capture the sitter as truly and honestly as possible. The model should always be in control and comfortable in their surroundings, as opposed to a ‘fixed’ unnatural, staged composition. I generally draw and paint close family and friends to create an expressive connection between myself and the sitter. However, I also love to draw people unknowingly in the streets and in coffee houses, imagining what each person is thinking and creating my own characters.

Drawing is undoubtedly my favourite medium. It is a simple, delicate and charming tool, but can create such beautiful and effective pieces. When I saw Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches I was completely mesmerised and inspired me to create my own beautiful portraits. I also consider etching an expressive and endearing medium. Painting is also a refreshing and inspiring medium of mine. The Impressionist painters, in particular Renoir and Monet were my main inspirations when painting the portrait. Lucian Freud is also an artist of whose work I greatly admire. Freud mainly painted family and friends, and it is clear from the way he painted his sitters that there was always a close relationship between him and his models. This is what I want to produce in my portraits. I want to produce portraits that not only reflect the sitter’s character in a natural and informal style, but also reflect a relationship between myself and the sitter with my work.


2012 (February) Memoria Technica, The Nunnery, Bow London

2011 (November) The Other Art Fair, OXO Tower Wharf, London

2011 (May) Graduation Show, Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth

2010 (January) Wonderlust Exhibition, Constitution Hill, Aberystwyth

2009 (December) Winter Show, Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth

2008 (June) Summer Exhibition, London College of Fashion, London

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