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Emi Harako

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (BA Hons Fine Art, 2009 / 2010)


What is your favourite film of all time?

Grind house and Rataouille!

What music are you currently listening to and why?

Music that I listen to changes times to time, depending on the day and the mood. Endless.

Which living artists do you most admire and why?

The artist I admire the most is Japanese Artist Aida Makoto, as his paintings are powerful and provocative, yet poetic and beautiful. Never gets bored with his paintings.

Which deceased artist do you most admire and why?

It may be typical to say John William Waterhouse as his paintings are highly individual and romantic style, stripping them in to poetic and imaginative qualities.

Which exhibition that you have visited made the greatest impact on you and why?

The exhibition that gave me a great impact was Nobuyoshi Araki’s “Self-Life-Death” as his photographs captured sex taboos, poetic cityscapes of Tokyo which was evocative.

What is the question you get asked most frequently about your work and how do you answer it?

They all comment differently on my work.

What / who inspired you to be an artist?

A History student I met at Blackhorse road station.

Can you tell us about where you make your art and what if any the significance of this location is?

You produce artwork from possible space is given to me.

What do you like most about being an artist?

Being Artist is gives you opportunity to communicate through your artwork and being with the people are similar to you which is a treasure of being an artist for me.

What is your greatest achievement as an artist to date?

The greatest achievement as an artist is when you completed your work and there is someone to look at it.

What are your plans for the coming year?

Hopefully, I will be producing more work that are challenging and try new stuff.

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Artist's statement

My work is inspired by the art and consumer items that are present in the Japanese cute culture, after all they are bright colored, ever present and televised. The Western academic establishment has reasoned that the Japanese have an affinity to represent themselves in a cute guise as, well, the world and life are less scary that way, in theory. That’s in theory, in practice I wish you to see my paintings, which deal with highly individual emotions of

loneliness, boredom and introspection to the point of sexual solitaire. Sure its cute and the characters in my paintings have bunny ears and baby fur in some cases, but they are on their own, pitted against the mono-color background of their world, where it seems their idea, of self, their gender and even the safety of the games that they play, has trickled away - all for a bit fun.

Who are they, these bored chicken racers who ware animal heads for helmets and are being “wild” within the metric dimensions of the canvass? To answer that I will use a memorable phrase said to young people around the “civilized” globe - “do whatever you want but use protection”. I suppose, the hardcore otaku fans who consume the cute culture and the products of that same culture can be a subject of concern for the moral majority, but then this subject constructs itself into a hapless, helpless cute image and surely no one can “shoot Bambi“, even if it is sexually active or so?

In any case, despite the apparent mimicry, in my opinion, my work is hardly comfortable enough to be a mass produced cute article, and because of its snapshot outsider look at that culture it is doubtful if its fans will identify with it positively, which leaves me for better or for worse to conclude that it is art, as to what kind of art - that’s a matter of taste. Go on and taste. 



2009- ArtbelowZero, Westbourn Studio, London

2009- Collectible Bargate gallery, Southampton

2009- Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park, London

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