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Eva Priestley

Eva Priestley

Illustrator & Drawing (BA Hons Fine Art , 2018)

Eva Priestley is an artist and illustrator based in the North of England, whose work centres around drawing and the access of deep-rooted memory through the process of doodling.

Deeply influenced by the works and writings of Agnes Martin, as well as travels undertaken to Texas, Mexico and Honduras, Eva uses the medium of drawing to uncover the motifs, patterns and symbols of a personal sense of perfection, formulated through the stimuli we consume, the memories we form and the places we visit. Her work is also a study into how other practices and professions we undertake in life, as well as the languages we speak, can inform an internal vocabulary that guides an individual's mark-making.

Through a distinctly minimalistic style of drawing, she aims to evoke a sense of stillness and peace that is in turn reflected to the viewer. Subjects that frequent her work include nature scenes, life drawings and abstract line art.

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