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When Artists Can't Go Out | Episode 3 | The Power of Art

In this episode we explore subjects including mental and physical health, art school, making art in isolation, parenthood and the role of art in our lives now and afternoon lockdown.

Artists Andrea Tyrimos and Kate Winskill discuss what lead them to choose careers in art, how they are practicing art in these uncertain times and their hopes and plans for post lockdown.



Andrea Tyrimos  is a graduate from the prestigious Central St  Martins, Andrea pushes the  boundaries of portraiture, uniquely combining both visual and audio elements. Through her work, Andrea is able to give mental illness, a seemingly invisible illness, not only visibility, but also presence.

Since graduating in 2009, Andrea has exhibited extensively, including London solo shows, and exhibitions in the UK and Europe. She was recently a finalist for the Global Art Awards, and has received the Signature Art People’s Choice Painting Award, and the Art & Escape Award.

Her Bipolar Picasso series of art installations has received critical acclaim; featured in publications such as the Guardian and America’s Ability Magazine, and has led to the artist being interviewed live on BBC Global News. Other press includes the Evening Standard, Time-Out and Elle magazine, and London Live TV.

Bipolar Picasso is an art installation featuring a series of intimate paintings and audio recordings, of people who have experienced mental health issues. A range of mental health illnesses  have been explored via the physical medium of  paint, while the creative use of audio reveals the spoken words and innermost  thoughts of each sitter. The  viewer becomes fully  immersed in a sensory exploration of the mind. 

 “Rendered in washed-out oil colours, minimalist detail to hair and clothing bringing out their vulnerability through their eyes. I’ve always felt that mental illness is something you wear on your face. Tyrimos has captured that”

- The Guardian



Kate Winskill trained in fine art and fashion & textile design at University of West London  and Kingston University. Photography is a major source of inspiration for Kate. She uses her own original photographs as well as found vintage images of both people and places to develop screen prints, mono prints , digital collage and paintings.

"Coming to art in my middle years, my work takes inspiration from memory and impressions from the 70s, 80s and 90s . This results in pieces which often exhibit a narrative quality, with images that draw on design elements from different decades , interspersed a modern day commentary on current unpredictable times.

I have embraced digital art technology which enables me to make a positive from an often perceived negative : a butterfly mind , fighting rigor and focus. Decades of images are stored in the brain of a baby boomer: horrific news reports from Vietnam and Biafra, rubbish and bomb blasts in London streets in the 70s, the glitter and money of the 80s contrasting the destruction of mining communities. All this plus personal experience and images provide a fertile creative platform; age bestows endless themes to explore, and gratifyingly, also time and resources to do this . Bolstered by years of collecting printed ephemera , photographs and eclectic found items , a new series can result from something as simple as opening a box file in the attic... "


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