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As London prepares for the coveted 2012 Olympic games, athletes from all over the world are training for one of the largest summer events of the year. 


DegreeArt's Execution Room welcomes you to a unique exhibition that celebrates the auspicious games. TWENTY Team GB athletes have been selected by TWELVE of DegreeArt's most distinct artists who have come together to create twenty original pieces of art, which celebrate the British atheletes and the spirit of the historical event. 


Each artist in the 20:12 collective has chosen an athlete, or aspect of the games as their muse and has created bespoke pieces that are to become historical punctuations in their artistic aesthetic, the athlete and the games as a whole. 


Our artists have built a relationship with the athletes they worked with and many have had the opportunity to complete traditional sittings, or have endorsed photographs that the artists used as inspiration for the portraits. This unique collaboration has allowed two spectrums of culture to merge together to form a unique exploration of the games through the gaze of the artist.


The 20:12 Collective is comprised of DegreeArt Artists: Victoria Heald, Nick Lord, Anika Manuel, Hannah Hopkins, Stefan Orlowski, John Williams, Patrick Simkins, Johan Andersson, Michael English, Rebecca Molloy, Helen Gorrill, and Edward Sutcliffe.



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