April 2012 - Abigail Box - The Great Escape | DegreeArt.com The Original Online Art Gallery

Following the exceptionally popular 2011 show "A Reality of Their Own," DegreeArt proudly showcases the evolution of  Abigail Box's work - "The Great Escape."

Box's large-scale paintings establish a simple interplay between familiar subject material and the abnormality of its context. Constructed using imagery, she fabricates these curious worlds, which almost always feature domesticated wild cats. 

Box's recent work has explored the local surrounding of east London the found objects residents leave behind. The furniture is unwanted and abandoned; it is through this 'fly tipping' combined with the domestication of wild dangerous creatures, that Box is able to create strange scenarios commenting on our view of the world.

Box has always been fascinated with comedic absurdity. Her paintings approach the difficulties associated with confronting and comprehending our reality in a light and charming manner. The tigers look in harmony with their surroundings and the viewer almost accepts the image as reality. The irregularity of the scene is emphasised by slight distortions in the perspective, which further deconstructs our perceptions of what is normal.

Colour is very important to the work. Box uses the tiger, lions and bold furniture prints to inject colour into the work helping to create a visual entertainment for all to enjoy and ultimately escape in.

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