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Join us for our first Artist in Residency talk on February 28th February 6-8pm - Sophie Derrick's Total Painting.

Our inaugural artist in resident, Sophie Derrick is installed in the gallery,  building up a collection of portraits that will form a fictional tribe, which onlookers will witness organically evolving across the walls of the Execution Room to dominate the space.

Through her layering and reiteration of the original image, Derrick alienates ‘The Self’ and pushes beyond reality into the realms of the hyper-real. Her body will play host to a series of different tribe members, using the paint as an agent of transformation to displace and conceal her identity.

On the 28th of February, as her residency draws to a close, in order to provide her audience with a greater insight into her work, Sophie will be holding a talk about her practice concerning painting, photography and performance.

DegreeArt aims to utilise these discussions as a means to create dialogue around the artist’s work but also involve the wider arts’ community.

Join us by booking now

When:Thursday 28th February, 6-8pm
@ the Gallery, 12a Vyner Street, London, E2 9DG
£5.00 per person

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