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Beth Nicholas

Beth Nicholas

University of the West of England (Textile Design , 2012)

Beth Nicholas began her journey while studying Textile Design at The University of the West of England. She graduated in 2004 and started her career in London where she worked in costume for film, television and theatre. In 2009 she was offered a post as artist in residence at Wycombe Abbey, giving her the ideal opportunity over the following two years to further develop her potential as a fine artist.

During her time at Wycombe Abbey Beth discovered the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi: exploring the beauty found within transience. She began linking rotting garments to abstract landscape paintings. This fusion of figurative ink drawings with the inspirational themes of nature and life have helped create a body of work that is both distinctive and breathtaking.

On leaving Wycombe Abbey, Beth Nicholas's work was taken on by the Fiumano Gallery in Notting Hill Gate, London and private commissions began to materialise. It was when the piece entitled ‘Catching my breath’ was displayed on the internet that Beth’s artwork went viral with over 165K pins. This has opened doors internationally and led her to working with prestigious clients as seen in a design for the packaging of Bombay Sapphire gin.

Beth Nicholas's artwork now features in numerous top hotels including The Langham in London, The Waldorf in Chicago and the Hilton in New York. It has been used as wall coverings for offices on both sides of the Atlantic as well as framed prints for cruise ship companies in Europe, Hong Kong and China. Beth enjoys connecting personally with each new potential client  to discuss their needs, with her back up team available to take care of all things logistical, from licensing to finance.

On her artwork, she says.. 

"The foundation of my current body of work lies in the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi: exploring the beauty found within transience. From finding a rotting garment by a stream to a stream of consciousness, my current collection travels through ethereal, abstract landscape style paintings into figurative animal drawings that investigate the subconscious. My work is extremely cathartic. I spend hours slowly manipulating the ink to find the right composition and sometimes when its dry writing streams of consciousness on top of the work. The writing for me is an important element, as a dyslexic it can at times be a huge struggle, but at other times the thoughts flow and the time flies. My work therefore is about time and energy and expresses and exposes me as a person."

Check out Beth Nicholas's recent comission for Dior

250 × 230 × 0.1 cm


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