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Daniel Pineau

Daniel Pineau

Other (Electrical Engineering , 1992)

I live in the French-speaking province of Canada, Quebec. I have earned my living in a research center as an engineer but I have always been passionate about fine art. I can now devote myself entirely to my art because I am now retired from my job as a scientist.

My artistic training started in 2011 and I was mainly interested in fine art. I followed the series of courses "The great currents of art" of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the University of Montreal with Professor François-Marc Gagnon. In 2012 I took an artist anatomy course from the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (Laafa).

Also, I am very self-taught, by professional deformation as a researcher. This is how I studied art history, I refer to E.H.Gombrich's book a lot. I am very inspired by Rembrandt. I particularly liked Gary Schwartz's book, "Rembrandt". I gave myself fully in the teachings of David A. Leffel. I inspire myself and draw lessons from  current painter like Gregg Keutz, Daniel Green, Daniel Gerhartz, Daniel Grave, Cesar Santos, Orley Ypon, etc.

In the next years, I will work on the portrait again. But I occasionally produce still life and landscapes.  I also have special interests in music and science.

Those who inspire me.

Vincent Van Gogh wrote in July 1889 to his brother Theo: "The portraits painted by Rembrandt ... it's more than nature, it's revelation"

It was one for me too. Of course, there have been and there are many other great painters right now, but I think Rembrandt is a major turning point in art and for me, it remains modern and still inspires many painters. The art lessons we draw from them are still very relevant.

Thus, I have studied a lot of David A. Leffel's painting which in my opinion is a very good reference for developing an understanding of Rembrandt's painting. The advantage of Leffel is that he is contemporary to us and in addition, he is an excellent teacher and is the author of several publications.

41 × 51 × 2.2 cm
  • £1,150.00
35 × 28 × 2 cm
  • £545.00
41 × 51 × 2.4 cm
  • £1,040.00
41 × 30 × 2.4 cm
  • £680.00
30 × 30 × 4 cm
  • £495.00


Passage du printemps à l'été! Centre d’Art de Montreal Winner Sat, 05/07/2011

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