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Emma Barford

Emma Barford

Chelsea College of Art And Design (MA Fine Art , 2014)

My artworks span drawing, painting and digital media as they seek to visually articulate the dialogue between creativity, mental health and wellbeing. There is an element of spontaneity to the approach and subject matter as a method of ‘de-cluttering’ thought processes.

I am particularly interested in the modern complex of feeling disconnected or isolated whilst in the company of others. Today's digital environment creates a 'need’ to feel connected and constantly on the move, yet with this comes an overriding sense of disconnection from, distrust and self-doubt in our environment. To do this, basic principles of animation are applied to traditional 'still' art forms such as anthropomorphic form, naivety and self deprecating humour. This not only emphasises the subject matters humanistic qualities but also its value as an 'object'; place in history - a past, present and a future. 

The narratives of this suspended state, trap subjects within familiar spaces, just out of reach and provide momentary escapism into an alternative reality. There is a focus on themes such as anxiety, uneasiness, unsettled sense of place and location, hyperactivity even."


NN Open Northampton Sat, 01/13/2018 to Sat, 03/17/2018

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