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Georgina Thornton-Parr

Georgina Thornton-Parr

UWE (Fashion Textiles BA (Hons) , 2006)

I am an abstract painter who is inspired by vivid colours and interested in creating intuitive work that provokes a personal dialogue within the process. Each painting starts with an unbridled impulse, during the production I go on to form connections with each piece, contemplating a feeling, a memory a place.

I am attracted to the communicative nature of colour and form; I use a combination of bold colours, layering, mark making, shapes and elements of pattern, to develop a visual language to evoke meaning for myself and the viewer. As I progress each painting, I focus on finding resolution rather than depicting my reflections and connections, letting the work be observed for what it is. I use the whole process as an opportunity to let go, to reflect and then finally find a sense of resolve with completion of each artwork.

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