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Jessica Slack

Jessica Slack

Northumbria University | University of Leeds (BA Hons Fashion Design | Textiles MSc , 2018)

Jessica Slack is an abstract artist based in Liverpool. Jessica's work is mostly inspired by colour and nature; her fascination with the power of colour and how it can evoke emotions when least expected leads to bold and vibrant abstract pieces. In her own words...

"The shifting nature of the environment, from the changing seasons to the contrast between urban and rural landscapes is constant inspiration to me. The aim of my work is to capture feelings of joy, wonder and freedom - reflected in the bold use of colour, texture and abstract mark marking you see in my work."

Jessica has exhibited work in various exhibitions within the UK, been selected to feature in a book showcasing 50 inspiring female artists and most recently, was a Director's Award Finalist in the Signature Art Prize and won the Bethlehem Card Commission Prize.

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