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Kenneth Halvorsen

Kenneth Halvorsen

Other (Bachelor of Fine Arts , 1980)

Born into a family of artists, I received a personal training and guidance from both of artists parents. Over 50 years of painting, my studies of 7 disciplines of body of landscapes raised the bar to a higher quality fine art and earn recognition from international museums and private collectors. I create original oil paintings on canvas of mesmerizing landscapes that express love and emotion. I want to remind the viewers of my artwork that there is still a fascinating beauty of precious nature left out there, alive by the true creator. Executed with a palette knife and a swathe of sculpted like brush strokes in Clear Impressionism style, these paintings gift a feeling of tranquility and joy. I am a life-long painter with a passion for natural beauty. I create all my paintings on location, transforming rare vistas into stunning interpretations of bright colors and fluid motion. The thick texture with simultaneous and contrasting attention to details are intended to surprise the viewer and create the feeling of appreciation for the higher quality fine art. All my artwork comes from plein-air painting, imagination, and inspiration from various life experiences.

183 × 137 × 4 cm
  • £6,717.93
102 × 76 × 4 cm
  • £2,628.76
92 × 92 × 4 cm
  • £3,500.00
102 × 152 × 4 cm
  • £5,257.51

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