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Laura Hunt

Laura Hunt

University of Wales, Aberystwyth (MA Fine Art , 2011)

Have we the dominant species disconnected from the land? Bound by the shackles of modern life, we ignore the fact that produce, faceless and packaged wrapped, ever came from a living animal. Do we ever consider the magnificent animals that are significant to our survival?

I aim to de-naturalize the familiar; by taking animals out of the landscape and into the gallery, I invite the viewer to stop and look at them afresh. An enquiry has been set into the effects of consumerism and our consequential detachment from our bucolic surroundings and the livestock and animals that inhabit them.


Initially, I was very much a printmaker, enthralled by the technicalities required to produce images. However, as I progressed I became drawn towards paint and the high level of representation it allows for. Digital photography plays a large role in sourcing my subject matter. Admittedly this is necessarily working from a reference that is already 'edited' by the lens. However, it is an opportunity for closely observed, detailed work that favours a great deal of control. Each element of the composition is a thoughtful process. This realistic approach, although initially a personal indulgence, is a vital pathway towards provoking a viewer response.



61 × 61 × 2 cm
  • £250.00
90 × 65.5 × 4.5 cm
  • £595.00


Wales' Graduates 2011, Oriel Plas Glyn Weddw, Pwllheli The Forest Of Art, degreeart, Vyner Street, London The Affordable Art Fair (degreeart), Battersea, London MA Final Exhibition, Aberystwyth School of Art, Aberystwyth MA Exhibition, Aberystwyth School of Art, Aberystwtyh Graduate Show, The Gallery At Bevere, Worcester  Art At..., Rhos Y Gilwen, Cardigan BA Exhibition, Aberystwyth School of Art, Aberystwyth


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