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Mark Batty

Mark Batty

Southampton Solent University (BA (hons) Illustration , 2014)

My work is influenced by astronomy and the cosmos. I frequent observers meetings with an astronomical society where I can gaze upon deep sky objects through telescopes. As well as an awestruck admiration of beauty, this subject matter serves as a point of personal scientific research, and it is at this amalgamation that my practise exists.


The source imagery for my work includes 1st hand sketches from observers meetings, old maps and drawings collected from antique books, globes and more modern resources like the public image archives from all the NASA missions.


I exploit the versatility of oil paint in representing different areas of space. From numerous thin dark layers for the eternal expanse of nothingness, to coloured glazes for translucent nebulous clouds, myriads of white specs for dense congested star fields and slathers of rolling stormy cloud bands on giant gaseous planets. My works encompass striking and familiar representations of space and the more abstract inscrutable realms.


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