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Michael Wallner

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Michael Wallner

University of Florida (Media and Communications , 1991)

Michael's art is inspired by his passion for the city. He creates most of his work from his own photography (many taken on his helicopter flights with the doors off), creating art with unusual materials including brushed aluminium, reclaimed wood, copper as well as neon and l.e.d installations.

His latest work celebrates the beauty of the city through the shapes and outlines that define its landmarks and character. London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Hong Kong, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Singapore all feature in his current collection.

He spent more than twenty years in the media industry working on entertainment programmes, talk shows, documentaries, and a children’s novel. But creating original and innovative art is his true passion. He now works out of Wimbledon Art Studios in South London as a full time artist.

Michael is constantly searching for exciting new materials to experiment with. Current challenges include working with concrete, 1930's reclaimed windows, a 1950's red phone box, and 3-D printed sculptures created from soya beans!

His newest piece is his most ambitious ever. Go With The Flow, features a real flowing river Thames and is made with pewter, acrylic, L.E.Ds, silicone liquid and motors. And watch out too for a few surprises floating by, including (spoiler alert) a whale and a shopping trolley!

Past exhibitions include The Affordable Art Fair in Singapore, Hampstead, Milan, and Battersea, The Other Art Fair (London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago), and Wimbledon Art Fair at Wimbledon Art Studios, a bi-annual show in which 140 artists invite members of the public to browse their studios.

In 2019 Michael spent two months as the Contemporary Collective Artist in Residence at the Bankside Hotel, a boutique hotel on London's South Bank.

During lockdown Michael's work was featured in Infinity Rooms 2020 - an incredible virtual exhbition at the Bankside Hotel. The exhibition can still be seen at degreeart.com.

Michael was also one of the founder members of The V-Art Show - one of the first art shows live on Zoom during lockdown.

He is currently running ARRTI Gallery in Southside Shopping Centre, Wandsworth. Michael's collective of artists from local studios have converted an empty shop into a stunning new space, welcoming more than 15,000 visitors since opening in June 2021.

61 × 91 × 0.3 cm
  • £950.00
51.5 × 88.9 × 0.3 cm
  • £795.00
22 × 35.5 × 6 cm
  • £450.00
72 × 120 × 12 cm
  • £5,500.00
91 × 61 × 0.3 cm
  • £950.00
76 × 51 × 0.3 cm
  • £795.00
38 × 39 × 5 cm
  • £450.00


Upcoming exhibitions, 2015 Now until Nov 4th 'People, Places, Purpose', Will's Art Warehouse, Putney October 15-18th The Other Art Fair, The Old Truman Brewery October 22-25th The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Recent Exhibitions 2015 Art For Youth, Mall Galleries The Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead (with Degree Art) The Affordable Art Fair, Singapore The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London The Open Studios, Wimbledon Art Studios, South London

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