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Monika Sutkute

Monika Sutkute

Chelsea College of Art And Design (BA(Hons) Interior & Spatial Design , 2013)

I describe myself as an artist and a spatial designer, who
uses research and context as a primary source of inspiration
in a creative work.
I lived and spent half of my childhood surrounded by nature
of Lithuania. Culture that has strong values on education and
family. At the age of fifteen the whole of the family decided to
move abroad- as for a teenage girl, it was an extreme twist
of life: changing my everyday nature to a multicultural society,
urban city and complete whole new structure of living.
Throughout the years diverse education has provided me
with knowledge, confidence and a conceptual way of thinking
which helped me to develop as a person.
After I have been exposed to a new experience of
multicultural living and multidisciplinary education; it influenced
me as an artist and designer. Fascination of critical designarchitecture,
designs that raises questions rather than
answers them. Further more, imaginary architectures that
requires imagination and speculative way of thinking.
My works often results to be on a subject border of
architecture-design-art. Installations, model making,
sculptures which is visually very attentive and has a lyrical
approach to them.
I have a very strong skills of explaining my ideas through
drawings and experimental methods such as collage, film
and photography. Usually I respond to the concept of the
projects through an extensive research of social, political and
geographical contexts.

42 × 59 × 0 cm
  • £900.00
120 × 100 × 56 cm
  • £2,500.00


15/06/2012- 24/06/2012- Chelsea College of Art & Design Graduate Summer Show.

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