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Peter Matyasi

Peter Matyasi

Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts (MA Painting, 2009 , 2009)

I graduated in the Painting Department in the Hungarian University of Fine Arts(2009).

My early paintings explored ideas surrounding nature and landscape,but at the end of the university my focus is centres essentially on the problems of the visualization of space and time. Later my paintings based on the the view I get during my way on bike in the city. These fragments are not showing concrete locations but patterns, structures like facades, grids, wheel tracks, elements of the city passing by. The consciously controlled creative process sensitively playing with contingency.

Nowadays I create my artworks with a unique method, which results in photorealistic images. The works are made of filmstrip-like material and depict every day themes, which evoke memories of personal pictures of a trip. However, I develop my central shapes by deletion, which creates an inside-out version of the object shown in the picture. My drawings resemble negatives, focusing on a reality which in a truly realistic photograph cannot be seen.



Art fairs

2015             Viennacontemporary, Vienna

                       The Armory Show, New York

                       Art Brussels, Brussels

2013              Artmarket, Budapest

2009              Budapest Art Fair, Budapest, Hall of Art




Awards and Nominations

2014              Újbuda-Mecénás art scholarship

2013              Main prize of "Dancing of colours" competition of Unison Colours

2011               BoH Art Scholarship, Bohart Artist of 2011


2011               Winner of the competition for painters to participate in a group exhibition at Virág Judit Gallery for Contemporary Art

2009               "1000 faces of the Holy Spirit" award, 2nd place

2009               "Újbuda-Mecénás" scholarship for young artists

2008               Erasmus scholarship to London(Chelsea College of Art and Design)

2008               Amadeus special prize

2007               László Óváry memorial ring winner



2012              Member of Studio of Young Artists Association (SYAA)

2012              Founder of Eleven Blokk Art Foundation

2011              Participate in the finalists of Strabag Art Award

2010              Member of the building projection team at the Hungarian Institute of Paris, Contemporary Hungarian Architecture Festival

2009              Participate in the finalists of Strabag Art Award

2009              Debuting in Hamu és Gyémánt magazine

2009-             Event planner and curator in Sokszem Visual Art Foundation

2009-             Art teacher in Tondó Drawing School


  2014   Street-view, Budapest, Labor Gallery 2013   Budapest Jam, SYAA, Budapest 2013   Display, Budapest, B29 Gallery 2013   „Rétegrendbontás”, Budapest, 400 bar 2013   28/31, Exhibition of the new members of SYAA 2012   Diversified portfolio, Próféta Gallery, Budapest 2012   Artplacc after, Group show, Bunker Galéria, Budapest 2012   ARTplacc, Contemporary Art Festival, Tihany 2012   ArtHAus Group show, London, The Execution Room /Degree art Gallery/ 2012   3 room show, Budapest, Mono Gallery 2011   Contemporary selection, Budapest Moha Café 2011   Budapest Flow, Budapest, Virág Judit Art Gallery of Contemporary Art 2011   BoH Art Project 2011, Exhibition at Festival del Arte Contemporanea, Faenza, Italy 2011   4 wall show, Budapest, Sokszem Foundation 2011   Artstation opening show, Budapest, Artstation Gallery 2010   Óváry memorial ring winners group exhibition, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest 2010   "Újbuda-Mecénás" scholarship winners of 2010, group exhibition,  Újbuda Gallery, Budapest 2009   BA Show, Triangle, London 2008   Amadeus exhibition, Budapest, Barcsay salon 2008   Szimpla Caffee, Budapest 2007   Gyöngy Restaurant, Budapest 2007   Ferrari 60 th annual, Torino, Italy 2007   Ferrari 60 th annual, Budapest, Vehicular Museum 2007   Amadeus exhibition, Budapest, Barcsay salon 2007   Hommage á Molnár Sándor, Budapest Platán Gallery 2007   Members of MS Mester Circle in higher education, Budapest, MS Mester Circle 2004   The Class of Sándor Molnár, Budapest, Támaszpont Gallery


Újbuda-Mecénás art scholarship The Self Government of the XI. district in Budapest Winner Tue, 06/10/2014
"The Dance of colour" contemporary pastel prize Unison Colours Winner Wed, 10/09/2013
BoH Art scholarship Fanni Fazekas Winner Thu, 09/15/2011

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