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Qin Han

Qin Han

Other (MFA , 2016)

Formally grounded in painting, drawing and printmaking, my work now adapts a traditional approach to our digital era. With this background in the fine arts, I use analog and digital tools to create images and tell stories. My work focuses on the definition of home, related to my own experience of transition and relocation as well as curiosity about migrants’ lives. Inspired by the rich cultural landscape of New York, I navigate the place with a curious heart and refreshed eyes.

I interview people and draw sketches, and these then turn into my material. Taking a journalist’s approach to the stories I hear, I translate them into visual language, such as drawings, prints, videos, installations, and artist books. Each story possesses a sentimental and delightful quality, which in turn implies a poetic depiction of my understanding of home.

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