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Robert Dunt

Robert Dunt

City & Guilds Of London Art School (BA Hons Fine Art Painting, 2004 )

 A punk attitude incorporating subversion and unconventionality is the catalyst behind my working practice.


This began when I started making musical metaphor paintings about the band The Jesus and Mary Chain. They wrote pretty three chord Beach Boys like pop songs and then layered them with feedback, white noise and distortion. The paintings I made had colourful hard edged cubist-like retro backgrounds that I first covered with resin and then with loose curved black and white “distortion forms” which stood as the musical metaphor for the white noise and feedback. 


I then tried to “undo” these paintings and work out what was happening in them in the language of painting as opposed to the language of music. One result was simple poetic paintings just of the distortion forms themselves. I then stopped drawing out the distortion forms before painting them and just painted them on the canvas in a controlled chaotic fashion. These gestural and optical paintings shudder in your vision creating a kind of visual noise.


Through out this I was encouraged by the work of David Burrows and Jim Lambie which seemed to kick at the art world which it can be argued can be quite straight jacketed.


Awards won by Robert Dunt:


2005- East


2003- Kidd Rapinet Painting Prize


2000- Best Beginner in Landscape section of SAA Artist of the Year Competition


2000- Highly Commended in Abstract category of SAA Artist of the Year Competition


  2006- Group Show, Empire Gallery, Bethnal Green, London   2005- Olympia Conference Centre London   2005- Ravenous Fish and Tasty Plankton, Empire Gallery, Bethnal Green, London   2005- Group Show, Paintworks, Bristol   2005- Cedars Diabetes Centre, Guildford, Surrey   2005- Clarks, solicitors, Covent Garden, London    2005- Fimat, stockbrokers, London   2004- Kidd Rapinet, solicitors, London   2004- Thomas Eggar, solicitors, London   2003- Summer Exhibition, Mexico Gallery, Hampstead, London   2003- Space Memory, Globe Wharf, London   2003- Type 36, Type Museum, Stockwell, London

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