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Sarah Emily Porter

Sarah Emily Porter

Chelsea College of Art (Graduate Diploma in Fine Art , 2016)

Sarah Emily Porter specialised in architectural history at Durham University, graduating in 2008 and has since attended Chelsea College of Art graduating with a Distinction in Fine Art in 2016. She now practices as an abstract painter from her studio in Leyton, East London.

Heavily influenced by her previous history degree, her work often has architectural and sculptural attributes but is derived from the traditions and histories of painting.

By pouring and manipulating paint on tiliting wooden structures, Sarah Emily Porter practice places emphasis on the process of making by removing the gesture and emotion of the artist’s hand from the final work. Instead, she subjects paint to the forces of gravity and use systems and order to create opportunities for chance to occur, creating a tension between what was and what could be. Through this method of painting, she seeks to highlight the significance and complexity of colour and reveal intricacies in her materials.

On her art, Sarah Emily Porter says..

"Rather than artificially aiming for permanence through painting, I highlight the fragile and impermanent nature of life by creating a work that has the ability to adapt and transform over time as it is moved from one position to another."

30 × 30 × 4 cm
  • £420.00
70 × 70 × 4 cm
  • £1,500.00
80 × 80 × 4 cm
  • £1,500.00
50 × 150 × 4 cm
  • £2,200.00
100 × 103 × 4.5 cm
  • £2,500.00
100 × 100 × 3 cm
  • £1,800.00
100 × 75 × 4 cm
  • £2,400.00


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Rising Stars New Ashgate Gallery Winner 2021
London Festival of Architecture City Benches Competition London Festival of Architecture Winner 2020
Richard Seager Annual Arts Award Richard Seager Annual Arts Award Winner 2019
Signature Art Prize The Signature Art Prize Nominated For 2018
Broomhill National Sculpture Prize Broomhill Sculpture Garden Winner 2018


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