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Shubhi Gupta

Shubhi Gupta

Painter (Diploma in Fine Art , 2016)

Shubhi Gupta was born in 1981 in India, and now lives and works in Singapore. She is a contemporary oil painter, graduated in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of Arts. In 2017 she won the prestigious Clifton Art Prize People’s Choice Award for Singapore. She is also one of the finalists of the Signature Art Prize, London 2018/19. Her works have been chosen for the renowned Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition 2021. She also receives the “Collector's Vision International Art Award" from Contemporary Art Curator Magazine. Her works are in private collections in Singapore and USA. Her works have been recently included in Standard Chartered Bank, Hong-Kong art collection.

Her oil paintings capture everyday moments in still lives and portraiture. Each piece is nostalgic and relatable, allowing the viewer to make a personal connection. Her works transcend the limitations that human differences can have on our ability to connect with each other, as each piece relates directly to a universal human experience. Her painting connects with the viewer as if they are looking at his own self from outside, both physically and emotionally.

She often does not paint people’s faces, this way she detaches them from their identities. She does it in such a way that the viewer cannot stop wondering if it is done intentionally and meant to convey a larger message. She comes with the idea that race can obstruct people’s acceptance. It can restrict the viewer’s thought to specific religion or nationality. She wants the viewer to encounter her work beyond these limits. As she believes these limits are drawn by society and human psychology does not vary across races.

​In her art practice so far she has realized that her life revolves around the people, places, and objects around her and subconsciously they have become an integral part of her work. Portraying everyday life in her work does not make her feel the need for isolation to emerge with an idea. The time she spends with them and the thoughts which come to her mind later reflects on her work.

She is also passionate about reading. She likes to read nonfiction as they help her understand human nature better. Reading helps her reflect her thoughts better. It gives her a sense of understanding and maturity. Also, during the composition phase of her work, she thinks deeply about the concept and the message behind the work.

45 × 60 × 2 cm
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40 × 30 × 3 cm
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30 × 40 × 2 cm
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50 × 75 × 2 cm
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100 × 100 × 3 cm
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