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Tottie Aarvold

Tottie Aarvold

Hereford College of Arts (BA Fine Art (Hons) , 2017)

​I focus on the abstract qualities of the world in paint or through a lens. I see my photographic images as ‘found paintings’, an organic fusing of both the human and natural world.

I am drawn to textures, layers and entropy. My images are of the abandoned and unnoticed, the unusual and random in everyday life.

My work is very personal and involves self-exploration. I have worked for many years as a psychotherapist which has led to my interest in the hidden and revealed, in what lies beneath. I try to create a story, an uncertainty and psychological confusion in my work and aim to convey pathos and loss.

It is important to me that the photographic image is as I saw it, that it isn’t highly manipulated in Photoshop. I use natural light and never alter a scene. The camera is my eye, it captures what stands out for me in the world.

86.5 × 62 × 1.5 cm
  • £800.00


Signature Art Prize The Signature Art Prize Nominated For 2018

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