Introducing Contemporary Collective x Bankside Spring Artist Residency ft. Frankie Curtis

Artists in Residence: 8th April - 23rd June 2024

Bankside Hotel, Art Yard Studio, London SE1 9JU

Bankside Hotel x Contemporary Collective are thrilled Bankside Hotel x Contemporary Collective are thrilled to welcome London based doodle artist Frankie Curtis (AKA CurtisCreationz), to the Art Yard Studio as their Spring Artist in Residence. In the studio from 8th April to 23rd June 2024, Frankie will transform the space into her very own ‘doodle room’ - an exhibition which takes the viewer on a chaotic voyage through the corridors of her childhood memories and passion for cartoons.

Inspired by the vibrant street art scene, Frankie’s hope is for the viewer to step into her imagination and become a part of the art itself. From walls to furniture, and floors to ceilings, every surface in the artist studio will act as a canvas for intricate doodles that bring characters, stories and daydream to life.

Influenced by countless hours spent engrossed in cartoons and video games, Frankie’s doodles carry the whimsical spirit of those formative years and utilise playful lines to beckon the viewer to explore the extraordinary landscapes of her mind. Drawing from these origins, whilst in residency Frankie will continue to channel her enthusiasm into her work and embrace the experimentation with diverse ideas and materials.

For the duration of her residency, Frankie will take over the Contemporary Collective Instagram account to document her experience in the studio space and engage closely with followers. Operating an open door policy, Frankie plans to engage with visitors at the hotel and local communitty members to craft a genuine interactive art experience and bring street art into a more contemporary, gallery setting.

About Frankies's Practice:

An artist with an overactive imagination. Born and bred in South East London, Frankie Curtis has created a unique style inspired from a childhood of growing up watching cartoons. Her work is a vibrant collection of crazy characters with a sprinkle of humour throughout. Working mostly in acrylic paints and markers, spray paint, and digital work bringing her work to life in an animated format. Graduated from the University of Portsmouth after studying BA(Hons) Illustration in 2014, she has continually adapted and perfected her 'doodle' style, working for clients from the Mayor of London, to the Teletubbies and everything in between. She's taken part in several exhibitions, art fairs and paint festivals globally.

View the full collection of Frankie's doodles


Residency events:

Thursday 13th June, 6-8pm: End of Residency Celebration 

Residency Partners:



For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Jenna Sachs: / 020 3701 7412 /


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