BANKSIDE X CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE’S ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE | Ramzi Musa & Lana Matsuyama | The Original Online Art Gallery


Artists in Residence: 7th October - 4th December
Bankside Hotel, Makers Studio, London SE1 9JU

The theme of the residency is a live visual dialogue between two creatives Ramzi Musa and Lana Matsuyama, where viewers can openly witness in person and over social, both in the practice and final works, the flow of cultural, conceptual, and stylistic influences between two artists.

Ramzi will explore his signature botanical/abstract subject matter, inspired by patterns in nature, but will work on a much larger scale than seen before, resulting in colourful, impactful works of art. In addition to large scale pieces, Ramzi will also create smaller, affordable, and accessible works on paper. There is an opportunity to explore fabric printing, as a continuation from his fashion background, but this will be dependent upon time and resources.

Lana will continue to explore the interaction of shapes, forms and textures, but aims to scale up in order to take advantage of the space, environment and interaction provided by Bankside. The public nature of the work environment will be an important and exciting aspect for Lana because she’s just as interested in exposing the process of creating a piece as she is in the final product; the “final” piece is merely a glimpse into a moment in the lifecycle of the work.

Like Ramzi, Lana will also create large-scale textural paintings and smaller collages, as well as sculptural paintings (working in paper maché). She also plans on creating a large sculpture (working in plaster) which highlights the shapes she often explores on canvas, but translated into three-dimensions.

The approach to this collaboration is representative of the artists’ approach to their relationship: one that respects individuality, and also looks to create something new that is more than the sum of its parts.

Contemporary Collective x Phlox Flowers:

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Phlox Flowers, an independent florist located right down the road from the Bankside Hotel. We will be collaborating with Phlox for the duration of this residency, bringing our clients an exclusive, co-curated collection inspired by botanicals and urban landscape. Phlox will fill the studio space with a beautiful arrangement and will be offering our clients a special discount on their flowers. 

About Phlox Flowers:

Phlox Flowers is an independent London florist, established 25 years ago by lifelong friends Emilia and Alicia. They are well known for their elegant, English garden floral style.

Having been situated amongst culturally important buildings such as The National Theatre, Somerset House and The Southbank Centre, fantastic opportunities to work within these spaces have arisen which in turn has influenced their creativity. Their floral design is contemporary with classic notes and their garden style is also inspired by the art, music and architecture of London’s Southbank. They have collaborated with wonderful creators and artists in London and have been privileged to create floral designs for them also.


Residency Partners:

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact: Jenna Sachs: 020 3701 7412/

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