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If you are heading to your beach, or holiday home this summer and are thinking about refreshing what's on the walls there, we have compiled a selection of inspirational coastal-look artworks to start your thinking, from contemporary seascape paintings, to elegant sculptures inspired by the sea and nautical themes. Do remember that we can deliver to you within 3 working days so you can start the 14 day trial of your chosen pieces to see how they fit into your relaxation space.


Dawn Reader and Nicola Bonney’s oil paintings can bring the relaxation and serenity of the seascape inside your coastal home. Both artists produce these stunningly accurate paintings which explore the relationships between light, dark and reflection.

Turner’s late seascapes were revolutionary in the fact they took an emphasis on the atmospheric, emotional and sublime qualities of the seascape rather than representational focus. It can be said that Turner’s works paved the way for abstraction and his influence can be seen in many works today- including that of Alison Johnson, David Ridley and Louise Morgan. These three artists celebrate the elemental forces of nature, its atmosphere and its sensations without turning to pure abstraction. These stunning seascapes are a great way to add character and detail to any coastal home.

Artists Rachael McBride, Wendy Hyde and Laura Fishman turn reach closer to abstraction in their pieces.  These pieces use colour and movement in order to capture the emotion stimulated by an environment rather than that which is pictured before us. These playful, summery pieces are a bold statement and can be used to brighten any space.

Sculpture can add dimension to a space, pieces by Mark Beattie, Phillip Hearsey and Andrzej Szymczyk all resemble natural coastal forms. Mark Beattie transforms industrial metal to emulate natural forms, as in his piece, ‘Vedigns Spiral’ whilst Phillip Hearsey’s beautiful bronze works show his interest in natural process and erosion. Andrzej Szymczyk utilises bronzes natural qualities to create striking and fun fishes such as ‘Siamese Fighter’.

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