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Meet the Artist | Interview with Kasia Sifantus

Kasia Sifantus grew up in a scenic countryside in Poland where she gained an interest for painting, inspired by the wild skies and open spaces surrounding her. With art as a calling, mixed with a curiosity to always explore further, her young self set off for the UK where she has spent her professional-working life helping people and companies, by creating interiors they desire and bringing various visions and ideas to life. Now living in London and still an avid painter, she has created abstract pieces inspired by nature that could easily become a focal point of any space. Kasia primarily works with acrylic and metal leaves, achieving unique patterns and textures by combining them together. Kasia's artworks can be found in private collections worldwide.

1) Which art movement do you consider most influential on your practice?

Expresionism, Van Gogh and Kandisky are my favourite artists and creating for me has always been about trying to express the meaning of emotional experience, rather than reality.
2) Where do you go and when to make your best art?
In my house, I like working in the morning, after the house is quiet, I've done my yoga and meditations.
3) How do you describe your 'creative process'?
So my art is mostly intuitive, I don't plan my paintings in advance, however I always take some time to 'feel' the canvas before I start and think of colours I want to use, once I start it usually just flows. I use mixed media, primarily acrylic and golden leaf. I've developed pouring technnique by layering paint over and over until I achieve desired effect.
4) Which artist, living or deceased, is the greatest inspiration to you?
I very much like Van Gogh but there's so many artist whose wonderful work inspires me, Daniel Hooper, Yuliya Martynova, Monet, Charlotte Elizabeth.. and many many more.
5) If you weren't an artist, what would you do?
I'm also an Interior designer, so I would propably be doing this if for some reason I could not paint.
6) What do you listen to for inspiration?
Classical music, mostly Chopin or Joe Dispenza's podcasts.
7) If you could own one artwork, and money was no object, which piece would you acquire?
Difficult decision..Van Gogh 'Starry Night', probably some of Monet's pieces too.
8) If your dream museum or collection owner came calling, which would it be?
There are so many, but that would propably be Saatchi Gallery in London.
9) What is your key piece of advice for artists embarking on a fine art or creative degree today?

Don't give up, be original and trust yourself. No matter how obvious that sounds, these are the most important things. Create for yourself, never be too inspired by another artists as when you create for yourself, not to please others, the magic happens.

10) What is your favorite book of all time (fiction or non fiction)?
Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky.
11) If you could hang or place your artwork in one non traditional art setting, where would that be?
I would love to be able to show my work at Royal Academy of Arts.
12) What was the biggest lesson your university course or time studying taught you?
Trust the process and don't overthink things.
13) And finally, if we were to fast forward 10 years, where would we find you?
Hopefully in my art studio.

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