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Meet the Artist | Luke M Walker | Review

On Wednesday the 20th February 2019, Luke M Walker, artist in residence at Bankside Hotel in collaboration with Contemporary Collective Gallery, hosted a Meet the Artist evening where invited guests were given the opportunity to not only meet Luke but to hear about his experiences during his time at London's most centrally located artist studio and learn about the inspirations behind his work.

The body of work Luke has produced entitled 'Where We Belong', is a combination of landcscape paintings. Datascapes, drawings, copper etchings and installation pieces.

Luke M Walker, who is a data lead artist, has used his 3 month residency to take walks, 5 miles in each direction from the studio, collecting data along the way. He then turns this collated information into 'Datascapes' which reflect the pace, heartbeat, incline and declines as he navigates across London.

In addition, Luke discovers 'found notes' on his walks which are any handwritten information discarded or lost by their creators. He then immortalized these notes by transferring them to copper plates resulting in beautiful and often poignant reflections of these fleeting moments.


It has been a huge honour to represent the gallery here be the first Artist in Residence and it has really helped me to understand a more about the way I can work, I really enjoyed the challenge! (Luke M Walker)

More About Luke M Walker:
Luke M Walker’s art derives from his own explorations of the environment, primarily through walking. His most recent art involves collecting specific data on each walk and then translating his findings and data into paintings. These paintings depict not only the activity of walking and painting, but also explore concepts of time and distance. It is these spatial, temporal, and mobile qualities of his work that make Luke M Walker’s work perfect for Bankside. Each body of his work questions the value of human activity, human stewardship of the environment, the role of the artist as a witness, and how these things can be expressed and explored. The evening will be a wonderful celebration of the work Luke has produced throughout his residence at Bankside Hotel and a unique opportunity for you to hear about this exclusive collection, directly from the artist.

L M Walker is in residence until 2nd March 2019 at the Bankside Hotel, 2 Blackfriars, Upper Ground, SE1 9JU


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