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Don’t like networking? Think about it as meeting people. #bsaaff Be Smart About Art First Fridays aim to actively facilitate the building of one’s art world network including artists, gallerists and other art professionals as well as to educate art practitioners on how to network, we set up #bsaaff Be Smart About Art First Fridays in Autumn 2012. Six months later, this popular art world networking event hops all over London galleries on the first Friday each month, thus enabling members and guests to learn about the variety of spaces. Everyone also learns about an artist or curator’s practice with each month’s #bsaaff talk.

Back in February 2012, Be Smart About Art conducted research to find out how gallerists, art dealers and consultants met the artists they now represent – or in modern terms, with whom they collaborate. We were surprised to discover loud and clear that the number one way these collaborations occur is from introductions by other artists. Yes, artists introduce fellow artists to galleries… Amazing!

12a Vyner Street, London E2 9DG


Members free | Guests £15

Refreshments provided

#bsaaff Be Smart About Art First Fridays: 5th April 2013 6.30pm @degreeart

Full details: http://www.besmartaboutart.com/event/24/bsaaff-be-smart-about-art-first-fridays-april-2013

Book now: http://bsaaffapril2013.eventbrite.co.uk/#

Website: http://www.besmartaboutart.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/besmartaboutart

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