A Crash Course in Phantasy | DegreeArt.com The Original Online Art Gallery

DegreeArt.com is pleased to announce the launch of their latest group show:

Fantasy mirrors desire. Imagination reshapes it.

DegreeArt.com presents A Crash Course in Phantasy, the first of its kind, and one that will become a yearly event providing six artists free reign over representation of all their wildest fantasies, from the dark and the weird, to the lustful, fantastical and the dream-like.

“Phantasy”, as opposed to (but not excluding) “fantasy”, has been termed ‘imagination unrestricted by reality’.

Ruthie Holloway, Nathan Khan, Caroline Hall, Zoe Crosse, Robert Logan, Sarah Knill Jones, Alex Clare, Helen Gorrill and Ailsa Hotson interpret their own ideas about phantasy covering such topics as the female form, dreams and dreamscapes, abstract fantasy, child-like fantasy and psychological themes. A wide mix of media will include painting, textiles, video installation and sculpture.

In a time of social and economic downturn, A Crash Course in Phantasy aims at giving the viewer a release from reality into the minds of six artists letting their imaginations run free. A welcome exhibition which will push the viewer’s mind into visual realms not previously thought of.

Prices from: £250

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