"Forest of Art" - Group Show | DegreeArt.com The Original Online Art Gallery

 This December DegreeArt will attempt an experiential group show that will bring wilderness and wonder back to the frozen concrete jungle of London.

In collaboration with installation artist Sophie Colley, DegreeArt’s Execution Room will be transformed into a literal ‘Forest of Art’ for our end of year group show.

Installation artist Colley practice explores an interface of ideas and beliefs by allowing glimpses of personal narratives to intrude the public realm and Colley will transport the spectator into a nostalgic realm of Christmas in it’s truest form; nature.

Our ability to become immersed within narratives, and suspend our disbelief, is often juxtaposed by an oscillating detachment and withdrawal into our own personal cocoons to forge individual narratives of our lives. Hence, we step in and out of daydreams, books, and television screens to escape into parallel worlds.
                                                                                                 (Sophie Colley, artist)

Through sound, senses and installation the gallery will become a winter wonderland full of our most collected artists who have recently exhibited at the gallery and throughout London Art Fairs.

Exhibiting Artists:  Sophie Colley, Hannah Biscombe, Catherine Dwyer Harvey, Sophie Derrick, Lauren Mortimer, Hannah Lewis Davis, Amy Shackleton, Jemma Grundon and many more.






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