Grotesques and Monsters - EllieMay Logan | The Original Online Art Gallery, Vyner Street presents
EllieMay Logan’s

The Grotesque Style: ‘…in which parts of human, animal, and plant forms are distorted and mixed…’ (Harper Collins Dictionary 2003)
Inspired by the book ‘Demons, Visions of Evil in Art’ ( by Laura Ward and Will Steeds, Carlton Books) EllieMay is mixing the Grotesque style with her 3d Paper Cut-Out style, to delve into the medieval world of monsters.
EllieMay has produced work especially for the gallery space, recognizing its gothic character.
Included in the exhibition will be line drawings, 3d photo-illustration and paper art.
EllieMay works in multi-media as well as a variety of exhibition spaces, such as books, magazines and posters.
You can view examples of her work in the book ‘BOX’ (design/illustration) currently selling world wide with Gingko Press as well as the July edition of ‘Little Thing’ magazine. She also has her own ‘featured artist’ note book currently selling in China and Taiwan. She is working on a graphic novel entitled ‘Night of the Living Dead’.
EllieMay is a two time 2008 exhibitor with ARTBELOW on the London Underground and is represented in London by Pimp Art Agency Gallery, 30 Vyner St, London E2 9DQ
Open Wed-Sun 12-6pm
020 8980 0395  /  07708 251 687

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