Image Transfer Worksop With Artist In Residence Joshua Donkor | The Original Online Art Gallery

Join Artist in Residence, Joshua Donkor, for a 3 hour Image Transfer workshop at the Bankside Hotel's Art Yard Studio. 

During this workshop, Joshua will do a live demonstration and lesson of his signature image transfer technique he uses to create his artwork. 

Joshua will cover the following sub techniques of image transferring:

1. Gloss Medium Transfers:

"This technique creates a very clear collage-like image transfers. I often use this technique within my work to highlight particularly significant images within the composition. The technique is extremely versatile and can be used on a range of materials from board, paper, canvas and even T-shirts. It requires the application of a gloss medium on both the surface of the image and the material to which it is being transferred onto. It will then need roughly 40 minutes drying time which might provide a good moment to take a break for refreshments. Following this paper on the back of the image will need to be delicately removed by gently rubbing away at the paper with water. This will leave a completed image transfer. During the workshop participants can decide to use these transfers in whichever way they want. They could be incorporated into a piece of artwork or even a blank T-shirt."

2. Acetone Transfers:

"This technique creates a very different type of image transfer which often appears far less ob vious and somewhat ghostly depending on the pressure used during the process. It may be best to only give a demonstration for this because acetone can be quite a harmful chemical. Masks and gloves will be required. This process involves applying acetone to a laser printed image which is then pressed against the board or canvas whilst pressure is applied. The clarity of the transfer is determined by the amount of pressure that is applied. For the demonstration, I can use one of the portraits which I will be working on over the course of the residency. Participants could also be invited to give this process a go whilst I am demonstrating."


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