INFINITY ROOMS 2020 | The Original Online Art Gallery

Virtual Private View: Thursday 2nd April 2020 12:00pm Register Now
Public Admission: Friday 3rd April 2020, 24 hours a day 

This April, the Directors of Artellite Ltd and founders of pioneering online art gallery invite you to join us at the Virtual Private View of the digital group show ‘Infinity Rooms 2020’.

As key art fairs and exhibitions across the globe are postponed and canceled and the future of physical galleries is further threatened, ‘Infinity Rooms 2020’ brings together, online, the curated works of the very best handpicked artists each represented by leading international galleries;, Contemporary Collective, Modern Art Buyer and Columbia Road Gallery.
The exhibition provides a unique experience that has been created, physically, at the award-winning Bankside Hotel in London and now presented digitally, online, to collectors and patrons of the arts internationally. This show has been curated and made possible as a result of the incredible support of the artists, galleries, and partners who took up the challenge under truly difficult circumstances. It includes pieces originally destined for postponed art fairs and recently released pieces not previously available.
It was in 1965, that the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama presented a seminal work that conjured up the infinite feeling of art using mirrors and patterns. The work ‘Infinity Rooms’ was later heralded as having foretold the launch of the Internet 25 years before it became a reality. 
In 2003 Elinor Olisa and Isobel Beauchamp had a vision of a future in which talented artists and art collectors were connected through a digital platform, enhancing the traditional elements of art collecting from understanding, and accessing, through to ownership. The result was, one of the UK’s very first online art galleries which today represents over 400 emerging artists and is ranked in the top 10 of the 25 best online art trading platforms in the Hiscox Online Art Trading report, 2019.
Despite the art industry’s notoriously cautious approach to the Internet, it is now set to become a necessity in 2020 and one which Olisa and Beauchamp are seeking to apply their two decades of pioneering learning, in both the online and offline Art Worlds, to artists, galleries and collectors.
“The goal of this exhibition is to enable the continued discovery of new artworks, sharing their narratives and to take art buying into the 21st century.”  Isobel Beauchamp Co-Founder
Guests are invited to pre-register now for their tickets to join the virtual private view - Click Here.
The exhibition is held in partnership with ‘the art hotel’ Bankside and Tagsmart, the World-leading providers of certificates of authenticity.

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