Live Figure Drawing Workshop | Ottelien Huckin | The Original Online Art Gallery

Join us on Thursday 6th February in welcoming our new artist in residence, Ottelien Huckin, to the studio with a 2 hour live figure drawing workshop held in the Maker’s Studio at the Bankside Hotel.

Learn about the artist’s modern and sensual approach to classical figure drawing, which involves drawing directly on the canvas with oil bar to mimic the staining nature of charcoal traditionally used in the academic style of figure drawing. This workshop will provide visitors with insight into the artist's use of bold pigments and intimate yet empowering drawings to reject the ideas of classical draughtsmanship.

Ottelien Huckin is part of an ever-changing programme of artists in residence at Bankside Hotel’s maker's studio. Bankside provides a permanent creative space and working with curators Contemporary Collective champion up-and-coming creatives, covering a wide range of disciplines including design, painting, sculpture, film, drawing, printmaking, installation, new media and photography. During their stay, Bankside guests are able to watch artists practice their creative expertise and so be taken on an informative and artistic journey.




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