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Lost Britain

The Director’s of DegreeArt.com are proud to announce the debut London solo show of photographer and Central Saint Martin’s graduate William Nixon – ‘Lost Britain’.

Lost Britain sets out to recreate the essence of a past experience; the nostalgia of a once British ideal. The work challenges the way we choose to remember places and events, and the relationship between idealism and an aesthetic vision.

Inspired by Surrealist thought, the work is born out of a chance juxtaposition of two different realities which combine to create a new reality; a ‘hyperreality’.

In contemporary life, photography is deemed the medium for most accurately representing what is real. If a viewer of the work accepts it as being an actual space, then photography in this way masks the fact it does not exist.

Drawing from an eclectic range of sources the exhibition explores the true nature of an image and how they define the way we chose to remember, recreate and document the world in which we live.

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