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Hynek Martinec

DegreeArt.com Presents:

'Lost in Time' Part II. Voyager 1 - New Works by Hynek Martinec

DegreeArt.com is proud to display the continuation of accomplished Painter Hynek Martinec’s empirical journey into our past and our lives.

Love, God, Religion, and Science are a few of the emotional facets that weave together the dream-like narrative of this uninhibited exhibition. Inspired by his 2008 show “Lost in Time” and by spacecraft Voyager 1; Martinec delves deeper into his skill and even deeper into our history to uncover and observe where our past has left us through it all.

Voyager 1 is a NASA space probe launched in 1977 to study the outer solar system and eventually interstellar space. It remains in operation for over thirty years, and transmits found data back to the Deep Space Network.  Much like the mission of the probe, Hynek travels as a ‘Voyager’ into our past and captures evidence of our paths and other trajectories of our historical existence.

Combining imagery from historical events, films, and contemporary references without losing the aesthetics or techniques of old masters, each work is a mixture of euphoria and observation and leaves every spectator in awe.


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