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Caroline Hall Gallery

November 12th-24th
Hot on the heels of her success in New York, British artist Caroline Hall will be bringing her award-winning work to the Gallery in London this November.  Caroline’s unusual pixel paintings attracted the attention of Chelsea Art Museum curator Manon Sloane who was one of the jurors in the 2008 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition.  A named finalist in the competition, Caroline’s distinctive style draws on 15 years surrounded by the moving image, first as a BBC reporter and then an independent video producer.  Two years completing a Master’s in Painting gave her time to develop a process which explores the divide between video and painting.  Caroline deconstructs digital video and projects pixellated images onto the canvas as she works.  By trying to capture the constantly changing image in paint she pits the capricious human hand against the unwavering precision of the digital image. 
            “It is in this pairing of opposites that Hall’s work displays it’s true strength - condensing fleeting moments without eliminating the energy and momentum of  time”.
            ArtisSpectrum, May 2008
This ongoing series of large-format, mostly monochromatic paintings have been snapped up by art-collectors.  The two week exhibition at the Gallery will be a chance for visitors to see the latest work in this series, alongside Caroline’s other paintings which take video editing processes as their inspiration.  “ I work in a variety of styles and mediums but there is only one defining influence.  This is the first time I will be able to exhibit a significant body of work in one space and demonstrate that all the pieces either explore movement and time, or rely on movement and gesture for their creation.”

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