'PIXELS PAUSED' NEW WORKS BY CAROLINE HALL | DegreeArt.com The Original Online Art Gallery

DegreeArt.com is proud to present CAROLINE HALL and her third exciting and thought provoking show at the DegreeArt's Execution Room.

A new series of abstract work based on digital video imagery. Caroline’s work reflects a life surrounded by the moving image. In this digital age, her work is supplementary to the way in which life is constantly lived through lenses. It’s captured beautifully in the paintbrush of Caroline’s ‘moving Pixels’

Stripping back the process of production, ‘Pixels Paused’ was created through inspired visual reference, individual frames as well as looped video footage. Obviously more painterly in their approach these paintings still clearly reference their digital roots.

“Working with projection is an important part of my work but the process had become too refined, too predictable.  These paintings are all about my attempts to create a physical and material presence out of something that is essentially cold and transitory”.


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