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A Collaboration in Identity and Representation in Paint.

Repre are a group of artists that share a common vision to capture and depict reality. From the body to the landscape, each artist is concerned with not only depicting the real, but exploring the boundaries of realism within their practice. There are a variety of ideas that the artists are driven by such as surface, mass media, atmosphere or the deconstruction of reality, these themes will provide the basis for the residency and will give an insight into the role of realism within each artist’s work.

During April 2013, Repre set up an experimental and collaborative exhibition that was a precursor to the residency at Silwex Studios, London. The group hosted a live painting event, which saw the artists create a 6ft x 15ft painting. The painting entitled ‘The Ideas, Indeed, They Have to Disolve’ examined the underlying thesis of collaborative painting and aimed to identify how the work might evolve throughout the process. This painting will be on display at the beginning of their residency and will be the starting point to the group’s pieces.

The artists will work on 3 collaborations throughout the 6-week period and these pieces will consider themes of identity and representation as well as questioning how they can tie ‘the real’ into their collaborative work. To further develop these pieces the group will host crits and presentations to continue with the idea of working collaboration, not only with each other but with the general public as well.

Alongside this, each artist will continue with individual pieces throughout, including Jemma Grundon’s cloud project, Patrick Simkins’ interactive installation that questions the public’s perceptions of others in contemporary society and Rebecca Molloy’s exploration of the figure in manipulated space.

Instead of depicting solely the real the artists use a wide variety of resources to influence their ideas and ways of working. The residency will demonstrate the groups aim to experiment, explore and push the boundaries of ‘reality’ even further.


The group welcomes all members of the public to fully engage with the collaborative processes,
through visiting the gallery, social media and taking part in workshops.

Life Drawing with 3 Models ran by Rebecca Molloy. 10 August – 1-3pm. £5 – Please book and bring your own materials.

Oil Painting workshop with Jemma Grundon and Julie Bennett. 17 August – 1-3pm. £20 – Please book and materials will be provided.

Painting workshop with Patrick Simkins. 24 August – 1 – 4pm. £7. Please book and materials will be provided.


Panel Discussion with Repre Artists. 29 August – 6.30pm – 8pm. Drop in Session.


Sunday Pop in Tea and Cakes – a chance to meet some of the aritsts in the studio.
4th and 18th August – 1-3pm.
1st September – 1-3pm.

Follow us on social media to watch the residency evolve
Twitter: @DegreeArt #RepreResidency #DAresidency
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Julie Bennett reappropriates mass-mediated images into gestural paintings:

Jemma Grundon’s work concerns the landscape and the evocative nature of the world we live in:

Amelia Humber’s paintings relay the atmosphere and emotion of landscape:

Rebecca Molloy (founder of Repre Art Collective) looks at the deconstruction of reality:

Louise Morgan is a landscape painter producing predominantly miniature watercolours that are centred around memory:

Andrew Newton is an experimental artist who looks at the minds subconscious dichotomy between structure and order and spontaneous impulsivity:

Patrick Simkins is exhibiting new work that questions perceptions, fragility and morality. He was recently an official London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Storyteller:

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