'Scrambled Eggs...continued' | DegreeArt.com The Original Online Art Gallery

Scrambled Eggss..continued is a collective of artists from the show 'Scrambled Eggs', previously on display at the boiler house, Brick Lane, as part of Free Range Degree Shows back in July 2009. All of the displayed artists engage with a diverse array of contemporary concerns in both the content and format their works assume, representing some of the finest practitioners entering the creative industries.
Millie Jackson, Ailsa Hotson,  Alex Clare, Alexandria DaSilva, Daniel Hitch, Carl Gent, Christopher Eyles, Claire Barrett, Edi Rogers, Gareth Harris, Islay Stevenson, Jane Isaac, Kirsten Burley, Elizabeth Gaskin, Lois Oakes, Lucy Carter, Marta Holla, Ruby Manson, Rob Reed, Lee Sullivan.

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