Private View: 7th May 2015 6-9pm.

Artist, Sophie Derrick presents her latest body of work, ‘Shifting States’.

In Shifting States, Derrick explores and challenges the alchemic possibilities within her process. Seeking to heighten her unique style of production, blending photography with painting, reality with fiction, and the digital with the tangible, to create her trademark, painterly works.

Collectors and followers of Derrick will have witnessed her continued, rapid rise through the Art World since her graduation from Wimbledon MA Fine art in 2012, which has been further accelerated by her recent collaboration with recording artist of the moment  FYFE, as well as being featured in investment publication Hedge Magazine.

Her developing style is clearly visible in the Shifting States collection as the artwork takes on a distinctive new guise.

“The movement, paint and photographic techniques used in this new body of work create an intervention between myself in the work and the viewer, and a skewed, distorted reality of what the piece actually is.” – Sophie Derrick

This latest offering from the London-based artist, sees her previously more figurative style, subvert reality further, exploring deeper the direction and movement of not just of the paint,  but of the subject itself.

Maintaining its focus on portraiture and masking, but accentuating the movement, paint, and photographic techniques which Derrick uses as obstacles to reality, to distort and create the abstracted images.

Derrick continues to push the boundaries of the surreal, to create works that explore the transformative possibilities of paint and the loss of the real. This exciting body of work will transform any walls they adorn into a cacophony of colours and provide endless debate as to their content, the palette which was inspired by the films of Wes Anderson, and take the viewer on a journey through a multitude of bold, textured-laden, multi layered pastels.


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