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10 diverse artists from Unit 3 Projects will work with, beside, around and against one another in DegreeArt’s ‘The Execution Room’ in
order to engage themselves and you in an experimental and haphazard creative conversation. Taking ‘gesture’ as its central theme,
In All Directions is a celebration of possibility, exchange and risk.

Throughout their residency at DegreeArt the Unit 3 Projects artists will be working in the space
and be available for conversation.

Events Schedule:

Thursday 4th - First Thursdays

A chance to see the beginning of Unit 3 Projects residency, five out of the ten artists will have been working in the space for just over a week.
6 - 9 pm

Saturday 13th -  “In conversation with...”

You, The Artist, Their Work, A Recording Device Luis Ignacio Rodriguez will be engaging with gallery visitors collecting conversations throughout the day.

Saturday 20th -  Showing: Drawing and Contact Improvisation

Dynamism and Stasis are two of the fundamental ideas behind Samuel’s
drawing practice. Samuel will be exploring through Contact Improvisation and Drawing, how line can be used as a tool to measure and describe the body in motion. Gesture becomes a physical mark, as Samuel leads an exploration of movement, contact, relations and relating.
2 - 3 pm

“In conversation with...” 

You, The Artist, Their Work, A Recording Device
Luis Ignacio Rodriguez will be engaging with gallery visitors collecting
conversations throughout the day.

Tuesday 23rd -  Exhibition opening with Pecka Kucha Talks

The last two weeks of the residency are an exhibition of the work by all ten artists over the residency period. This evening is a chance to hear some of the artists talk about their work in Pecka Kucha styled presentations: each presentation will be 20 slides long with 20 seconds spent on each slide, or the so called 20 x 20 format!
6pm - 9pm

Saturday 27th -  Sharpen My Pencil life drawing salon with Coffee+Sponge

Visual artist Samuel Overington + theatre artist Jennifer Farmer team together as Coffee+Sponge to present their performance-driven life
drawing salon, ALTERATIONS & REPAIRS. Inspired by the dance works of Marie Chouinard and Erwin Wurm's one-minute sculptures, ALTERATIONS & REPAIRS asks what happens when we are forced to explore alternative vocabularies of movement. www.coffeeandsponge.com
6:30 - 9 pm, enquire for bookings £8

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Sunday 28th - Workshop: Pen Nor Paper

After years of writing for traditional theatre and radio, dramatist and cross-art form adventurer Jennifer Farmer found herself working in art forms that challenged her definition of writing and her identity as a writer. In this practical workshop, Jennifer explores what it means to write for cross-art forms and shares tools and techniques on how and when to blur the lines. This is a writing workshop for those who believe that writing doesn’t always require pen or paper.
5 - 7 pm, enquire for bookings £8

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Thursday 2nd - First Thursdays
Come join DegreeArt and the rest of Vyner Street on the First Thursday of the month when all of the galleries will be opening late with new exhibition openings.
6 - 9 pm

Saturday 4th - But What Kind Of Art
As an artist, you may be drawn to one particular medium over another, but that doesn’t mean that you always remain faithful to it. In order to develop your craft, you may be interested in exploring different genres and means of expression and want to challenge what has become expected of you. However, too often, others are resistant when you step outside of your box and are less easy to define. But What Kind Of Art is an artists’ conversation about how to trust yourself when experimentation is not always encouraged.
7 - 9 pm


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