Virtual Artist in Residence | Johannes Nielsen | The Original Online Art Gallery

Contemporary Collective x Bankside Hotel are thrilled to announce that Johannes Nielsen will be the next Virtual Artist in Residence, taking over the Contemporary Collective Instagram from 13th March - 11th April 2021.

We are delighted to announce that in partnership with the Bankside Hotel, accomplished artist Johannes Nielsen will take over the Contemporary Collective Instagram from March - April as our next #VirtualArtistinResidence. 

In efforts to circulate positivity and new digital opportunities to artists during these difficult times, Johannes will provide viewers with a virtual residency experience as he documents his practice directly from home. The theme of Johannes's residency is 'Virtual Sculpting: From Sculpting in Ancient Wood to a Computer Screen.'

As a westerner and artist living in the East (Beijing), Johannes is greatly influenced by the location, people and culture which surrounds him, most specifically, the Songzhuang Art District. From 13th March to 11th April, Johannes plans to reveal how he moved from sculpting physically with clay and wood, to digitally in a computer and the inspiration behind this process. Having recently launched a brand new collection of artworks available on DegreeArt, Johannes will provide insight into the background of these works as well as how his sculpting technique has recently transformed. In addition to daily Instagram posts, Johannes will share Instagram stories of his day-to-day life in Beijing. 

Johannes will divide his virtual residency into 4 chapters, focusing on a unique sub-theme each week:

Chapter 1: Horse sculpture

Chapter 2: Drawing with ink

Chapter 3: Human sculpture

Chapter 4: Theme on request from followers (followers will have the chance to vote/request a theme)


More on his virtual residency:

I know last year many of us moved from meeting physically to virtually. It was strange because during the same time my own creativity moved in to the virtual dimension as well. I began 3D scan my own body, sculpt inside softwares like Zbrush and finally 3D print them. Finally the result I later cast in bronze. This new way of create have helped me to sculpt in a whole new way. 

In the beginning, I felt wrong to do my art digitally, like I was cheating and taking shortcuts. So, instead of hiding this little secret I have been sitting on for a year I plan to share the hole journey from an idea to a finished result.




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