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'Where I Interject'

By Ulrika Andersson

As this coveted artist experiments with the fusion of three installations to create her latest exhibition "Where I Interject”, Ulrika toys with multiple media and optical illusion to examine the process of painting and create an intimate viewing experience for the spectator.

Ulrika Andersson creates photo-referential paintings that are visual collages featuring a female protagonist in different highly constructed situations.

The symbolic and psychologically charged storyline ultimately represents the artist’s desire for the viewer to connect and experience the way she sees things. The paintings are cinematic, in the style of moody film stills that suggest ambiguous narratives and Lynchian-like atmosphere.

“Perhaps there is no consensus to how we experience reality, but my paintings represent my memory of reality. They become my projected construction of nostalgia. I find things become too literal and defined if you think about them directly, but a story through painting can be revelatory.” – Ulrika Andersson

Aware of all the obstacles that contemporary painting must overcome, Ulrika finds herself fascinated with the preservation of a displacing experience. Through painting she constructs an image over time as opposed to our digital world where images are created in an instant. Ulrika also manages to find a viewpoint from which a spectator can connect with her psyche. Her works are evidence of the time spent with her subject and subsequent images, the importance of it to her, and the duration of the time taken to produce each piece which ultimately challenges the viewer to explore its own fantasies.

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