Grubby Fingers Charcoal Workshop w/ Artist in Residence Luke M Walker | The Original Online Art Gallery

Join Artist in Residence, Luke M Walker, for a 2 hour charcoal workshop at the Bankside Hotel's Art Yard Studio. 

Through this workshop, Luke will introduce how he uses Charcoal and demonstrate some techniques and skills that can be achieved in a relatively short time. We will look at different surfaces, grades of charcoal, introduce specialist mediums like liquid charcoal and begin to explore how it can be manipulated on the surface. We will draw from life (still life and landscape) and weather permitting, try something outdoors, to demonstrate what a portable and satisfying medium it is to work with. Materials will be provided, grubby fingers guaranteed.

Luke M Walker is a London- based artist whose work explores his relationship with the city through walking, mapping, painting and drawing. Much of his practice has evolved along the banks of the River Thames where he has lived and worked for much of his life. He is keen to share his passion and engagement with this wild, urban landscape and how he has documented its development and the ebbs and flows of the city.


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