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The new 'Maker in Residence' at Bankside Hotel's artist studio will be London based artist Michael Wallner.

Previously, Michael has worked with data expert Dr. James Cheshire to present an artistic view of London using information and statistics about the city. This research will be integrated into the works produced by the artist over the course of his 6 week residency.

During his residency at Bankside, Michael will demonstrate to visitors how, by looking more closely at the architecture around them, they can change the way they look at the world and appreciate that 'art is everywhere'. The residency will also allow him to take his city-based art to the next level and explore different techniques, materials, and technology that he can use to reflect the shapes, outlines and colours that create London's character and personality. He also intends to incorporate London data in his work such as the journeys of London buses, the paths walked by London commuters, or the traffic patterns on the roads near Bankside - making art out of the everyday.

Visitors are welcome daily to pop by and visit Michael in the studio. In addition, there will be 2 special events taking place:

Meet The Artist
Thursday 20th June 6-8pm
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Colour Workshop
Saturday 22nd June 10:30-12  
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Please call (0) 20 7301 7412 or email with any enquiries.

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