David De Silva

David De Silva

Chelsea School of Art and Royal College of Art (DipAD and MA(RCA), 1973)

My work and how it looks is governed solely by what excites me at the moment. There's no plan or theme, even if a retrospective overview might show threads or recurring areas of interest. Sometimes I'll make a set of maybe three or four linked pieces, but I'd rather end it there and move on to something new than just repeat myself.

I like to work in oils, acrylic, mixed media and whatever is to hand. Much of it is very labour intensive. Sometimes better work can come out of a conscious decision to just work with stuff that's immediately around you. To limit and improvise. In that way you get surprises - and surprises are good (usually)..

To search for and be always receptive to new ideas, new excitements, is an inherent part of my make-up and the resultant diversity of imagery is what keeps me doing it. I work on the premise that my best piece of work is the one I've yet to do.

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